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In my first profession as an optician, I developed a passion for spectacles which has never left me. After eight years working in an opticians I wanted to start my own enterprise, so I returned to the school benches (as we say in French) to obtain a professional qualification in online commerce.

The adventure finally commenced in December 2017. The core principle that my business is founded on is to inspire a new generation to re-engage with a practical, yet fashionable, accessory: the cord with glasses!

Nylon cord, waxed cotton or pearl-beaded eyeglass chains... You've seen nothing yet!


Le Petit Cordon UK is the first site in France to specialize in the sale of eyewear cords and chains. The brand offers a wide range of eyewear chains in gold, silver, coarse mesh, pearlized beads and even wood, providing practicality and style so you can never lose your glasses again.

The trend for eyewear chains is growing fast, and Le Petit Cordon UK is at the forefront of this movement. The brand also stands out for its international expansion, offering its chains beyond the French borders.

In addition to online sales, Le Petit Cordon UK has established partnerships with opticians to offer its products in-store, providing a more diversified and accessible shopping experience. This approach enables the brand to reach a varied clientele, from fashion enthusiasts to optical professionals, with practical, on-trend products.

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PARIS silver-plated glasses chain

Le Petit Cordon UK
11 rue des aulnes

"Le Petit Cordon UK, it is the fusion between two trades and the desire to undertake of its founder"

Matthieu HAMEL, Founder

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