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The first e-commerce website to sell cords and chains for glasses

No need to move to the optician, Le Petit Cordon offers a wide choice of cords and chains for eyeglasses. Whether you wear reading glasses, glasses with progressive lenses, sunglasses, glasses for myopic, hypermetrope or astigmatic, you will find the ideal cord to wear around your neck.

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Don't wait for the travelling salespersons to visit and forget the orders by fax or by phone. Facilitate your purchase by ordering directly and the exact quantity desired on our site at prices up to 70% less expensive. If it's not already done, Sign up or Log in to take advantage of our prices. Prices indicate the net amount to be paid, i.e. without VAT (non-deductible VAT, according to article 293B of the CGI).

> Practical or fancy glasses cords

Nylon cord, braided or printed, black, yellow, red,... Le Petit Cordon can help you find the perfect glasses cord. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us by email or via the online chat and we will be able to offer you new products. Your kids are losing their glasses all the time? Discover our children's glasses cords.

> Gold, silver, Pearl or designer chains

If you're looking for a real gem to hang your glasses on, check out our collection of Eyeglass chains. Elegant and original creations. Featuring traditional motifs, a shower of glittering pearls or elegant simplicity, let yourself be seduced by our creations. Situated close to the face, a glasses chain is one of the first pieces of jewellery to be seen. It is therefore ideal to underline the allure associated with the exhibition of your glasses, their adornment and fashion to achieve the statement you want.

> Lightweight, sport-resistant eyeglass cords

Neoprene headbands for glasses, floaters cords or adjustable cords, Le Petit Cordon meets the needs of the most demanding sportsmen. Whether you are practicing basketball, speleology, sailing or biking, we are the specialist in the Sport glasses cord. We offer a wide range of cords ensuring the proper maintenance of your glasses or Sun on your face. Light, resistant, durable, elastic and even floating, our cords are designed to meet the technical constraints of your favorite sporting activities.

> New website: hand-crafted fans

Looking for the perfect accessory to refresh yourself this summer while being trendy? Discover La Maison de l'éventail, our new sales site of handmade spanish fans.

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