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No need to go to the optician's, Le Petit Cordon UK offers a wide choice of eyeglass cords and chains. Whether you wear reading glasses, glasses with progressive lenses, sunglasses, glasses for myopes, hypermetropes or astigmatism, you'll find the ideal cord to wear around your neck.

Don't wait for sales representatives to visit you, and forget about ordering by fax or phone. Make your purchase easier by ordering directly and in the exact quantity you require on our website at prices up to 70% cheaper. If you haven't already done so, register or log in to see our special prices.

Nylon, braided or printed, black, yellow, red... Le Petit Cordon UK tries to satisfy every desire or original idea of what eyewear cords mean to you. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us by e-mail or via our online chat, and we may be able to suggest something new. Are your children constantly losing their glasses? Discover our children's eyewear cords.

If you're looking for a real piece of jewelry to hang on your glasses, discover our collection of elegant eyeglass chains and original creations. From naive motifs and a shower of sparkling pearls to magnificent simplicity, let yourself be seduced by our creations. Close to the face, the eyewear chain is one of the first pieces of jewelry you see when you look at someone. It's the ideal way to accentuate a look, and we like to combine it with our frames, finery and clothes for a sophisticated look.

Discover our new Chunky collection of large-mesh eyewear chains. The links are made of acrylic for added lightness.

Neoprene eyewear bands, floatation cords or adjustable cords, Le Petit Cordon UK meets the needs of the most demanding sportsmen and women. Whether you're into basketball, caving, sailing or cycling, we're the sports eyewear cord specialists. We offer a wide range of cords to ensure that your glasses or sunglasses stay securely on your face. Lightweight, resistant, durable, elastic and even floating, our cords are designed to meet the technical constraints of your favorite sporting activities.

Are you looking for a durable and unique eyewear case to protect your glasses and take them with you wherever you go? We offer cases in natural linen, suede and eco-responsible felted fabric.

Explore our collection of reading glasses, designed to give you clear, precise close-up vision. Whether you're looking to correct presbyopia or improve your reading comfort, a magnifying glass is the perfect companion for clear vision every day. From classic styles to modern designs, our range offers a variety of frames and correction levels to suit your visual needs.

Discover our new scrub caps sales website: LE PETIT CALOTIER. If you are or know a dentist, surgeon, dental assistant or nurse, give them a gift of reusable, eco-friendly caps!


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Customer testimonials
Products as requested. Immediate delivery. Thank you very much. Would recommend. The little extra touch is the business card signed by Mathieu, which implies that there is a human being who received my order and sent it to me.
Joelle C.
Great, received very quickly, neat and tidy packaging. The eyeglass cord is of good quality, and can even be adjusted to suit the thickness of the temples. The care in manufacturing that existed before the era of disposable products is back. It's nice to find a small company that appreciates a job well done!
Stephen H.
Great! My order was processed promptly and seriously, and Matthieu, the manager, is attentive and responsive. As for the glasses chains, they correspond to the descriptions and visuals given on the site. They're even prettier in person! I highly recommend them!
Léa M.
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