Glasses chains

Retro | Glasses chain with black and silver beads

Do you want a nice, practical and original piece of jewelry so you don't lose your sunglasses or eyeglasses?
Discover the Petit Cordon collection of silver, gold, pearl or wooden glasses chains.
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Frequently asked questions about glasses chains

Our eyeglass chains have adjustable rubber straps that fit over the temples of your glasses. Simply insert the clips between your ears and the face of your frame. You can adapt them to your sunglasses or your prescription glasses.

All of our eyeglass chains are between 65 and 70 cm. We have found, with our customers, that this is the ideal length to keep your glasses around your neck without damaging them.

Get some 65-70 cm nylon thread, rubber ties, beads and carabiners or clasps. Simply insert the beads on your nylon thread, attach the snap hooks or clasps and then the rubber ties to the ends of the thread and you're done. Alternatively, you can buy them on our website!

Some of our goggle chains have small carabiners on the end caps. Simply remove the rubber clips and attach them to the cords of your goggle.

Le Petit Cordon UK is present in more than 100 stores (opticians and showrooms) around the world. Ask your optician if he/she references our collections of eyeglass cords and chains in his/her store. If not, tell him that he can order directly from our website at preferential rates.

In 2017, we decided to bring the eyewear chain back into fashion by launching our own collection and the first e-commerce site. We wanted to revolutionize this accessory by giving it back an elegant image of eyewear jewelry. We worked with many influencers to promote our brand and our jewelry on Instagram. Successful bet!

The fashion world and big brands such as Chanel or Swarovski have also launched their collections. Many opticians contact us to reference Le Petit Cordon UK in their stores.

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